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Embark on a journey of self discovery, healing and growth through personalised offerings and vibrational remedies. 


I would like to acknowledge my ancestors that walked before me and dedicate this site and my work to my Grandmothers Dona and Pnina who called me Etti(n)ka.

Thank you for visiting! I'm Etty, I'm passionate about Shamanism and Kabbalah. My soul knows both on a deep level and I have spent many years deepening my wisdom in each, to the degree that I combine them together in my work. I have created my own unique way of working with both ancient wisdoms in healings, readings, meditations, and ceremonies and in the way I walk on this earth.

My offerings support you in discovering your innate gifts by delving in to your blueprint and strengthening your connection to and trust in the Creator as you learn to live a life of co-creation with Spirit.

I look forward to learning how I can best support you on your journey.

"Closing my eyes to connect with my roots, I sense the wisdom of my ancestors and my grandmother smiles"

The Gossamer Path

My Offerings

Energy Work

My approach to energy work is to empower you with tools to heal yourself whilst teaching you how to look after and maintain your energy field. 

Through a range of different modalities, I am guided intuitively in each session for each client.

Shamanic Kabbalah Soul Maps

Discover the unique tools and gifts you chose to embody in this lifetime to support you on your earthwalk. Knowing thyself is empowerment.

Individual Soul Maps will reveal subconscious programming and offer supportive wisdoms to overcome challenges when you are out of balance and need to re-align with your centre. They offer a deeper understanding of why you behave the way you do in different circumstances. This is a personalized  guiding compass, teaching you  how to also work with colour specifically matched to your energy field, and provides practical tools for implementation.

The golden box_auto_x2.jpg
Golden Box Remedies

The golden box contains a range of carefully sculpted and highly amplified vibrational remedies designed as companions on the journey back to the self.

​I invite you to be curious, play, discover, heal and grow as you dance with the art of energy.


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