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Shamanic Kabbalah Soul Maps

"Every well built house started in the form of a definite purpose plus a definite plan in the nature of a set of blue prints"

Napoleon Hill

Native American Indian Colour Wheel

This unique soul map is based on the Native American Indian Colour Wheel, a teaching passed down by Grandmother Twylah of the Seneca Tribe.​

This teaching offers you a soul map reflecting your gifts and lessons in this lifetime. It consists of 13 colours that are individual codings of one’s soul. The first 7 colours reveal your greatest gifts and the remaining 5 colours reveal your greatest lessons (hidden gifts) in this incarnation.

Once you understand your map it reveals a subconscious programming and offers supportive wisdoms to overcome challenges when you are out of balance and need to re-align with your centre.

It offers a deeper understanding of why you behave the way you do in different circumstances. It guides you with how to work with colour specifically matched to your energy field and provides practical tools for implementation.


This is an example of what a soul map looks like. I interpret the colours and the positions they are placed in as each map is unique.

Hebrew Letters Of Light

According to the Book of Creation, one of the most ancient Kabbalistic texts written by Abraham our forefather; the world was created with the 22 Hebrew letters and the numbers 1 - 10, that make up the 32 pathways of the Tree of Life.

Each letter which can be seen as a symbol has it's own energetic blue print and there are a variety of ways in which to work with them. They can be used for healing, meditation, sounding, manifestation, readings and more.

In readings I work with your name and your date of birth. Our name is an energetic vibration and says a lot about us. It can be compared to a cloak or uniform that we take on for a life time.

Each letter of our name has a specific essence and tool/gift that it offers us to walk with in this life. This is an invitation to discover the gifts you chose for this life which in turn offers you the opportunity to enhance them.

The 72 Name Of God

Based on the Kabballah there are 72 three letter combinations that Moses used to split the Red Sea when the Israelites fled from Egypt.  


These are 72 powerful mantras, each with it's own magic and prayer. Discover which one is connected to your date of birth and how it can support you on your journey. 

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