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 Energy Healing

"Awareness is the greatest agent for change."

Ekhart Tolle

My Approach

My approach to energy work is to empower you with tools to heal yourself and learn how to raise and maintain your energetic vibration. 

I am not the healer rather a facilitator that creates the space for you to connect with your innate wisdom, healing guides, ancestors, and beings that guide us together in each session to address what arises for you with your best interests at heart.

My Toolkit

My tool kit includes modalities that I have been gathering since 2000 from Reiki Master, colour therapist, aromatherapy massage, crystal essences, Theta healing, Malchitzedeck Method, Shamanic Path & Practice, Hebrew Letters of Light, Tree of Life Healing, crystal bowl sound healings, drum journeys and more...

Today I am guided intuitively in each session for each client using all of these tools.

These pictures are the results of an experiment I did some years ago of before and after photos of an aura after 15 minutes of energy work in which results can clearly be seen. 

Energy work can be subtle so it's always good to have proof that can be measured.

Aura Chakra BioResonanz Imaging

ORANGE - Artistic, physical-creative expression, excitement

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