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Vibrational Paintings

Vibrational Paintings

I love and have always been drawn to working with  Hebrew symbols. I must have been at Mount Sinai when Moses was given the tablets with the lore. It is said that the transmission was so powerful that it’s energy could be felt to the ends of the earth. It is also said that those were at Mount Sinai witnessed the letters take shape in front of their eyes from the vibration of the sound.

Based on ancient teachings in the Kabbalah, specifically the Book of Creation attributed to Abraham our forefather, the world was created with the 22 symbols of the Hebrew alphabet, through the 10 spheres of the Tree of Life.  Each symbol was carved out as a pathway for creation. Each symbol has its own very powerful wisdom and intelligence. These letters are the building blocks of creation through which God created the elements, space, time, the planets, the human body, and all of reality.

That is why the power of language is so powerful. Our intention and  thoughts create our reality. We are where are thoughts are and are such powerful manifestors. I really encourage you to pay attention to your thoughts and self-talk.   

Did you know that “Abra Kadabra” is Hebrew for I create as I speak. Have you ever given thought to the words “spelling” and “spells”? We are spelling words into existence just as the Creator used letters to create our existence.

If God created the universe and all its aspects with these symbols, we surely could use them to call in, balance, create and heal. Each letter is in fact a divine force. They are powerful symbols to meditate with and reach a transcendent state.  

There is an additional teaching in Kabbalah based on the 72 Name of God that is made up of 72 energetic vibrations that trigger soul recognition when gazed upon.  Each of the 72 names are made up of  3 Hebrew letter combinations which can be used to ground a specific energy into our lives such as joy, abundance, protection, healing, attracting soul mates, unconditional love, global transformation and more.

​I specialise in creating custom made energetic paintings based on the Hebrew Letters of Light and colour vibrations. Their purpose is to support you in calling into your life specific wisdom and energy, as they reverberate in your space.

Please feel free to contact me for further information.   


With love,


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