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Blue Lotus

Blue lotus can be used in a variety of ways to calm people down and in this  calming a lot of the states related to the stress of the world just cease to exist. Blue lotus is a real blessing on this planet at this time as it allows us to return to a more stress free state in the body whereby we automatically make the right
decisions as we approach nothing with haste and agitation.
It was used in Ancient Egypt in higher doses to connect to the divine and reach states of higher consciousness and it does this by encouraging this state of soft yet calm openness with the world where one is truly open to the human experience.

Blue Lotus allows the blueprint of this sacred flower to help arise in us the very true human experience of divine ecstasy and oneness with everythingthat is in sacred union.
The action of the blue lotus is like having silk poured on your nervous system it just calms everything down on a very gentle and profound level and allows us to return to a more normal response to the world a response without tension in the body.
The blue lotus has been used for thousands of years and was held to be the most precious and prized herb by the Ancient Egyptians who used it extensively in spite of its rarity.

Ingredients: Blue Lotus flower essence, distilled water, alcohol.

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