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Immortal Eyes 20/20

Immortal Eyes 20/20 is the evolution of immortal eyes and contains 4 layers of immortality as opposed to just one in immortal eyes. This makes it much deeper acting as it is a stronger and previously unseen new frequency to stimulate the eyes.

Immortal Eyes 20/20 also contains a potentized version of the Amazonian eye medicine sananga which is used to remove a lot of the psychic and emotional causes of vision loss.

Sananga is particularly good at removing what is called “panema” in Shipibo which translates loosely into existential exhaustion which leads to general lethargy and malaise normally seen as lack of inspiration or will to live and create and of course poor vision.

When we use 4 levels of immortality which work on the physiological causes of long and short distance vision which are mostly age related, we get a very strong effect. When we add Sananga which deals with a lot of the emotional causes of poor vision which mainly have to do with an exhaustion with reality we get an even stronger effect.

A lot of poor vision is from a desire to not see what is in front of us which is caused by general exhaustion with life much in the way that people loose their hearing when they get old and no longer want to hear what people are saying.

Immortal Eyes 20/20 is necessary if we are going to live for extended time periods as physical ageing is one thing but the emotional implications of extending life need to be addressed as well so that we are physically and emotionally robust enough to continue living for hundreds of years.

Adamas Incendia

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