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Immortality Asgard

Immortality Asgard was birthed on the first day of the new moon at the start of the year of the tiger. Quite a heraldic event. Immortality Asgard is made from 22 levels of Immortality, (7 more than Vishnu) and this is significant as it represents the biggest single jump in frequency since the inception of the Immortality series. This means it will continue to clear memory to make space for new cellular activity, basically supercharging our cellular biochemistry. More energy and increased appetite without weight gain is part of this process as the body goes through another round of cellular regeneration.

The more we keep altering the frequency of Immortality the more we keep getting this amazing cellular regenerative effect.

Apart from the Immortality 22, the main ingredient in this remedy is a set of Nordic runes immersed in a special substance that brings out the nature of substances. It has the ability to extract the information and the living essence of the substance when it spends enough time in contact with it.

When we infuse the 24 Norse runes into this liquid we have the complete story of our existence with all its processes. The Norse runes represent the fundamental building blocks of our story and our interactions with it and everything else on the planet.

Some would say this is too much to ingest at one go, but if we are made of these runes we are just ingesting our own song or a mirror to see ourself in. Even speaking about it seems strange, like grasping at clouds, but grasp we must as it shows us something about the nature of clouds.

When taking Asgard, people experience a definite no-nonsense attitude, combined with a shift in perspective that is normally very difficult to achieve.People often prompt each other to think out of the box and the problem with this is that we are in a box, so thinking out of it is rather difficult, but what if we were put out of the box straight away and gained the perspective of an outsider.

Ideally, we want the perspective of an outsider and an insider and a casual observer as then we really get to make an informed decision as each perspective has limitations but all three together give us almost complete insight.

Shortly after taking Asgard, I had a dream where the living runes in my body which make up our DNA were reaching out to the living runes in everything else and informing each other.

Kind of like an insider 5 senses communication where our cells talk to other cells and gather all the information we need like brother and sister cells sharing information.

In this way we would never be surprised by a situation, or be in danger as we would know exactly what was going on in any space we walked into.

Now how does it do this, well my personal theory is that the more we come to feel these runes in us as us, the easier it is for them to reach out to every other rune structure in existence which is every other structure and communicate directly with them.

There is a certain spaciness in the runes which is hard to explain except as an introspective space which we need to engage so we can reach out with awareness.

The runes in this format will have very different effects on people as we all have different ways of perceiving the world, as well as different vehicles of perception whereby this happens.

I also believe quite strongly that what we are doing here is the closest and easiest way of achieving Neo like powers that we all wanted in the matrix. In this case though the matrix is not an evil thing it is just a sea of runes which make up everything and the only way to get to the point where we can access them in totality is to realize that we are them in every cell in our body. The only way to do this is to literally throw ourselves into the rune pot and become them.

In addition to the runes, I have included a rune song sung by Al Runa which activates the runes, or gives us access to them. This was given to her by Odin in a dream to enable activation. I also included the living gold as in my own vision the runes were the golden pieces of every DNA spiral in existence. This gold I believe contains the power to bring thoughts and things to life which explains humanities age old obsession with it.

After experimenting with these ingredients I discovered they had a bit of agitation and dislocation, so I added Creation and Blue Lotus, so we are in the perfect relaxed and empowered state to imbibe the realizations as they arise in our mind stream.

Immortality Asgard is much like having a wave wash over you and into you and then being called to action.There is definitely a sense of just letting things return to their original positions but as creatures of habit this can feel a bit strange as in general we are comforted by familiarity.

What we are being asked to return to here is not something new, in fact it is something as ancient as life itself, but I believe it is the key to the maze of life which we now get to walk.

Of course, we do not get instant access to the higher realms, but it opens the door for this to occur as we begin to recognize our sovereign awareness which is complete in itself.

The walking of the maze is the path, but this opens the door. Where we go with this and how we go, is of course our own journey, there will be those that sprint through the maze and then there will be those that take their time walking through it.

We must bear in mind that the maze is ourself as well as the world that we are reclaiming so if there was ever a time not to rush this is it, but at the same time the more sovereignty and access we have to the cosmic blueprint, the safer and happier we will be. No one has to remind us how crazy the world is getting every day.

The recommended dose is to take Asgard one day and then a dose of Vishnu and Creation for the next four days followed by another dose of Asgard and then Vishnu and Creation for the next four days and to repeat this cycle. This stabilizes the process and makes it more interesting as Asgard is very powerful and deep reaching and it is nice to have some days off lounging in Vishnu’s garden of delights before plunging into the mystery again. Of course, this will be different for everyone and the keys to the kingdom are not for everyone but if they are for you, let’s make it easy to enter.

I recommend that people alternate the two as Asgard can make normal interactions a bit unusual. Some people love it but it is probably best to start it on a day when you have time off to allow yourself time to go more deeply into the mystery.

I truly believe this is the door to the great mystery and that by walking through it we will get everything we always wanted in a way we want it. I am personally tired of narratives that praise scarcity as a learning journey we have to engage in, or praise loss as a necessary part of learning to love. I believe that if we fuse with these runes that make us up we get access to everything including the right to determine our own narrative instead of being some piece randomly pushed around on some universal chessboard.

What Asgard gives us above all is perspective, a new fresh perspective on everything, from either the first or the third person, as one can view a situation from the eagles perspective or from your own perspective.

What we come to realize with this apart from seeing runes everywhere is that we come into existence at every moment we engage in whatever it is we are doing and we return to this pool of pure potential from which literally anything may arise.

Now this may seem initially a bit strange until we realize that the person that was trying to mediate all of this is actually doomed to suffer as he or she has to maintain this illusion of a solid identity in a situation where it is perpetually dissolving.

Once we accept this ceaseless arising and our part in it without having necessarily to be the one watching over it all we sink into bliss as we are the sword that wields itself and knows perfectly what needs to be done in any moment and does so without hesitation or doubt.

And now comes the interesting part, and this is something that is just beginning to dawn on me as an understanding. The runes in us, which are in fact the basis of what animates us, reach out to the runes in everything else and basically communicate their nature to each other and in this everything is known, there is no place or need for hesitation or doubt as each structure performs its natural function without thought or hesitation.

We all know how joyous it is to act without doubt and hesitation and just feel or know what needs to be done and this is what happens when the runes talk to each other.

The process with Asgard is to facilitate this process to bring the runes to the surface of our skin so that they may talk to their brother and sister runes in every other structure in existence.

The runes are the magical building blocks of reality, beneath the amino acids of the cell, the runes power and comprise it all.
All the other remedies have been necessary to bring us to this point, where we literally take the deep dive into the intricate workings of form and thought itself.

Now we do not need to know how it works, we just need to recognize and recover our primordial nature and in doing this inherit the world. Just like a cat doesn’t need to be taught how to hunt, it just engages its essential nature and the muscles do the rest.

The process of this will of course be different for everyone which is part of the beauty and magic of it all but the essence of what is being achieved will be the same for everyone.

This is also not a casual thing, this is really massive and is really what the matrix is all about without the evil architect. The evil architect in this case is the nature of form and the density and confusion that arises on engaging it. This is why this first and third person narrative is so important as it allows us to gain perspective on our own movie and in doing so take control of it. The image I have of it is of being the batsman, the fielder and the umpire all at once at a cricket match, with the ability to shift perspectives at will.

Now obviously we are not going to be taking the game as seriously, as we are the offence and defense as well as the mediator but this does not mean that we do not take pleasure in the playing, it just means we do not suffer regardless of the outcome while still appreciating the skill and artistry of it all.

Once again this is a journey back to our essential nature, it is an initiation back into the components of ourselves. This is beyond holy, it is primordial in the best sense and it brings us back to the concept that all is ultimately pure but it is up to us to see this in every form.

When taking it, reading one random rune a day might be useful just as an educational tool to give us a peak into forms that have been written down but also to realize that each time we take Asgard we are taking the totality of all these forms and the song that activates them. Thank you Merissa for singing us this song, and hopefully you will provide us all with some runic insights along the way as the journey is just beginning.

Adamas Incendia

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