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Immortality Kali

Immortality Kali is made with 9 levels of Immortality together with a powerful Kali mantra for purification. What is immediately noticeable from people who take it is an almost magical and often instantaneous return of their will and motivation to do things. It also allows one to confront whatever needs to be confronted, instantaneously and in a direct and confident way. Any boundary clearing or relationship negotiation is easily approached and sorted out quickly. All resistance and hesitation is shifted easily.

The Kali mantra represents the primordial force of action and is traditionally used to overcome lethargy and lack of inspiration. The effect of Immortality Kali is almost immediate and people feel an increased sense of will to do things, and a sense that every task is not only doable but a pleasure and a challenge to complete.

My sense of it, is as a force of unrelenting action even when one would normally not feel like doing anything. Anyone who is struggling with lack of motivation, lack of joy, procrastination, lethargy, no willpower and even depression will find Immortality Kali a complete game changer as it represents the primordial force of action.

When coffee fails and you still have to work, Immortality represents a non-addictive way to engage the primordial force of action in ourselves. In addition to the Kali mantra the 9 levels of Immortality represent a very strong force of regeneration to fill us with energy and renew our cells not just internally but externally as well.

What distinguishes Immortality Kali is that it works on the spirit as well as the flesh and this gives us a sense of wellbeing. My personal sense of it was that every problem or thing I had been putting off was like an old dry stick I just had to snap effortlessly across my knee to bring to completion and that everything would yield to my will if I just brought my attention to it.

Even unpleasant jobs like filling out tax returns are looked forward to with relish as the relentless Kali energy allows everything to be brought to completion. Personally I recommend taking Immortality Kali with Creation as this turns the whole experience into something delightful as who says no to a bit more delight.

Kali cuts through one’s own story around why one is not doing what one needs to be doing. Whatever the story, it is irrelevant, as when we cut through it we are back to ourselves and this is where Kali’s destruction comes to our rescue. The Buddhists talk about peaceful and wrathful deities which are in fact aspects of self and they say that the wrathful deities are the most compassionate and the peaceful deities are the most relentless.

Now Kali is clearly a wrathful aspect and her compassion manifests in cutting quickly and compassionately through all our nonsense, storyline or excuses for not doing what we need to do so we can return to ourselves as quickly as possible.

The other aspects is that the more you are in alignment with this force of embodied action the more Immortality Kali will just feel like coming home.

Kali contrasts with Lakshmi who is definitely a peaceful deity and is responsible for enriching one, but sometimes we need to cut through our apathy to get moving before we can engage our abundance.

Immortality Kali is not designed to be taken every day for a long period of time as it will put you in a wrathful state ultimately which might not be that useful as you go about your day.

Immortality Kali is designed to be taken with Creation to soften the mood of Kali a bit and to enhance your end user experience. It is particularly useful on days when we need a bit of extra wrathful impetus to get things done.

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