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Immortality Shiva

Immortality Shiva contains 12 levels of Immortality as well as 5 Shiva mantras and a new and unique alchemical preparation of gold which allows us access to the hidden teachings, spirit and realms of gold.

Shiva is the counterpoint and masculine to Immortality Kali but is much more user-friendly and easier to consume daily, as there is a level of calm to Immortality Shiva which is not present in any of the other Immortalities.

Mantras when chanted are highly beneficial to the psyche, bringing gifts in many forms. The alchemical format of the mantras carried in water is an amplified version which has all the benefits without the requirement of chanting.

It is important to realize that whatever one’s religious orientation, the mantras in these remedies embody core human aspects and principles which are universal to humanity.

The five Shiva mantras are:

1) The TandevaStotram which is the song of the Nathraj, Shiva’s divinely intoxicated dance of destruction.

This song has 14 verses in arcane Sanskrit and is sung by the demon Raven after he is trapped by Shiva under mount Kailash when he dared to lift it, disturbing Shiva’s wife Parvati. It is his song of praise to Shiva, extolling his potency and wisdom and it eventually earns him freedom from his mountain jail.

2) The second is Om Namah Shivaya, as no rendition of Shiva would be complete without this, and it is probably one of the most well-known and widely used mantras in existence.

3) Then there is the Shiva Gayatri which is a mantric request to Shiva to ignite our intellect.

4) Number 4 is a mantric liturgy detailing Shiva’s 12 holy lingams of light which are found in various sacred sites in India.

5) And the final mantra is the MahaMritymunjaya mantra which is the ‘Victory over Death’ mantra which helps us attain detachment from the suffering brought about by ignorance of the nature of the mind. The nice thing about taking it in this format is that it just does the work for you, you get the real time detachment from your mental suffering while still maintaining your enjoyment in existence.

My intention with Immortality Shiva was to create a piece of terrific transcendent beauty with all the epic aspects of the lord of destruction and creation, which together represent the many different aspects of the divine masculine.

An epic rock concert rendition of Shiva with multiple lead and bass guitars to really accentuate the high and low notes and everything in between.

The final piece in this epic creation is the spirit of gold. This I was able to coax out of gold leaf as a living being so that we are now given access to this living realm of gold. This is a whole world and a new operating system for us to take on should we wish.
The implications of this and the access to this realm are still to be unveiled in their entirety but it represents an evolution of the body which was hitherto unknown.

I think it will be a while before we truly understand the impact of this bridge to the golden realm but my feeling on taking it is a tremendous calm and a sense that everything will be fine regardless of what is happening on the earth. This golden realm represents the ultimate refuge, a pure land unstained by pain, suffering and time.

On a physical level Immortality Shiva is very well balanced as there is a beautiful fusion of inspired action and energy combined with a deep and abiding calm.

This is the feeling of being held, which is one of the most important aspects of the divine masculine. It is there for us to bring into ourselves, something of equal value for both men and women.

Alternating using Immortality Shiva and Immortality Kali allow us to quite elegantly and simply cut through whatever is disturbing us and that includes us.

My personal experience of Immortality Shiva is that it is something I could take every day as the 12 levels of Immortality continue to you then my body and my connection to the healthy and embodied masculine help everything to arise effortlessly in my reality.

By taking the remedies we are able to effortlessly integrate these aspects and embody divine archetypes as easily as we would eat grapes.

Adamas Incendia

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