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Immortality Vajra

Immortality Vajra is the next in the series and comprises 3 levels of the jellyfish as well as the Dhanvantari mantra. This is the mantra associated with Dhanvantari, the Hindu god of healing. In addition to this the Ganesh mantra has been included which is all about removing obstacles in our path.

Immortality Vajra, of all of them dives deeply into what is obstructing us from the past and can be quite powerful. Everyone will experience these remedies differently as we all have individual stories with
blocks and responses in different areas. What unites us is a shared history of impediments and obstacles to our unveiling awareness and cellular regeneration.

We often use Immortality Vajra when we come to a seemingly insurmountable obstacle that we cannot move over or go around. Often, it is the reframing of the problem which is the solution and this is where Immortality Vajra comes in.

We can go up and down through the Immortalities as each bottle dispenses the rejuvenation message in a different frequency. After taking a new one for a while, the old one becomes new again as the body forgets and we are able to get a fresh biochemical message again. Certain memories which return also seem to be held at different levels of amplification so it is useful to run through them all in the process of returning ourselves to youth.



Turritopsis Dohrnii, Alcohol, Royal Jelly, Light of Jupiter, Wildflowers, Pine Pollen, Reishi, Protea, Disa, Dhanvantari Mantra

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