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Liberation is designed to finish our unfinished memories by helping them towards resolution either in dreams or in real life. It does this by utilizing the power of the nine gems and the five fires which are ancient alchemical technology remedies designed specifically to get to the places in the body where this trapped memory is stored.

It works systemically to bring completion and resolution to events and often begins
with unfinished relationships, then onto friendships, then family interactions and
then acquaintances.

It does this by presenting us with situations or dreams where we can get closure or find
a new way of interacting with these individuals so we are not carrying around unfinished
and unresolved memories of the past.

The effect is a huge lightening of the weight we carry around in our cells every day, which
translates into a much smoother and seamless interaction with the world. Often in the
process of taking Liberation, people or unfinished events from the past will pop up in our
reality in a way that we are able to truly see what is required for deep healing, resolution
or closure to occur.

Ingrediants: Shungite, Panch angi, Royal Jelly, Rasashastric Navaratna, Kunjika mantra, Light of Jupitor, Protea flower essence, Reishi, distilled water, alcohol.

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