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Panacea is a remedy which is designed to cure most things, now I know this is a bold claim but what I have done with it is to create an living organic intelligence bolted on to a database of all things kind of like a giant mycelial network which is in touch with itself and everything else but which can be directed in a particular direction.

The two components of this remedy are made up by using a number of substances and is all built on a substrate of burnt gold as this has the ability to hold form for such a construct. Think of Panacea as a benevolent intelligence whose only function is to find you the right remedies and deliver and administer them to you..

The exact making of this and the technology required to generate this living awareness are in the realm of astrotech, there are precedents for such things in the past thought and it was just a question of allowing this intelligence to come to life and pointing it in the right direction.

A lot of the plant medicines represent benevolent intelligences which aid us in our struggle and facilitate transformation so that we gently come to the conclusion ourselves, the difference here is that I have plugged this intelligence into a database of all the animal, mineral and plant remedies in the world so that the intelligence can deliver whatever substance is required to our doorstep.

For this model I have used the homoeopathic materia medica as a database of states covering animal, mineral and plant substances used according to the principle that like cures like to move us out of the state we are in and back to health.

When we take Panacea we are allowing this process to take place, we are in a sense engaging this intelligence to become a part of our system and then diagnose and treat what is wrong with it by feeding into us exactly what we need in that moment to move us out of a state of disease.

Now although this seems impossible imagine if you had told people at the start of television that something like the internet were possible you would have been met with disbelief and this is exactly where we are here.

I have combined a number of substances including the flower of life, burnt gold, sananga and bobinsana two major plant healers from the amazon into a living matrix which can quite literally come to our aid and apply the right remedy for our disease state when we need it.

How does it do this? Well when we amplify a plant frequency from a living plant medicine we are in essence capturing its spirit and its capabilities and we are then harnessing these capabilities to work for our benefit. The beautiful thing about a lot of the plant medicines is that they are completely willing to help as it is in their nature to do so, something we might find a bit strange from a human perspective.

The gold and the flower of life are the matrix within which we are able to embed these plant intelligences and allow them to live as an independent awareness. The database of substances already exists it has just been a question of connecting these two components. I have been actively working on this connection process in dream space for the past few months and it has finally born fruit.

This is without a doubt my most ambitious project to date and something I attempted with redemption. It turns out that the plant intelligences I am working with now are more malleable and suggestible than the mother of all plants who is the basis of redemption and who helps by bringing things to the surface but often leaves us with them to figure out.

Panacea will actually help us remove them from our system and this is in truth a godsend and the essence of the holy grail.

I believe it is time for an end to suffering as a methodology to advance human awareness as often it just doesn’t work and in many cases it creates more suffering and patterning to add to the heap.

I believe that once we have shed a lot of the patterning around suffering and disease we will be more able to truly express what it is we came here to express in the first place, our destiny in a nutshell.

Sananga and Bobinsana combined fuse into an intelligence which is both malleable enough to join forces with each other, willing to help us as well as open enough to tap into the preexisting database of remedies that exists as the lexicon of the natural world so they may be fed back to us.

Using burnt gold and the flower of life as an atmosphere for living forces to incarnate within is not unknown as an ancient alchemical technology and is probably responsible for our fascination and hoarding of gold since the beginning of time.

The combination of these substances creates a living matrix which will quite literally fix what needs to be fixed and free us to take up the mantle we have all been searching for but were too caught up in our own stories to engage with.

Panacea is quite stimulating so is best taken in the morning and a dose of tranquility or blue lotus can be useful in the evening to help with sleep if this is a problem.

A lot of old memories come to the surface with panacea and taking it with immortality garuda is quite simply just amazing as it deals with a lot of the states memories and patterns that the garuda brings up.

Panacea is the remedy to take when we feel ourselves assaulted by an old pattern which is conditioning our behaviour and causing us to suffer as it works synergistically to unbind a lot of the belief structures, wrong views and reactive patterning that combine to make up our state of disease.

Panacea is not a quick fix although it can be sometimes but for a true sustained cure we really need to be working on the foundational level of reality as this is where the problems truly stem from.

It is pointless fixing the diet if we are holding on to resentment as this will cause us to remain in a state of unwellness as the unresolved tension in the mind translates into cellular disharmony and disease.

This is why children rarely get chronic disease as they absorb and then let go of the situation whereas we tend to hold on to things which build up over time and cause the body to freeze up due to the load.

Panacea is all about resolving the situational responses we have learned over time so that we can truly let go and be ourselves a self that is not constrained, bound and conditioned by the demon of memory.

Most of the people on the panacea trial had remarkable one might even say miraculous transitions in times often not exceeding two weeks although the process continues.

Sometimes the discharges were physical sometimes addictions were shed and sometimes we found we could react in different ways, ways which did not entail destructive and futile and habitual patterning.

Adamas Incendia

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