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Immortality Forever

Immortality Forever is a remedy that reaches deeply into the memory body and brings out all the scattered shards of memory that have been left unseen. All the habitual patterns you keep repeating get brought to light and cleared so you need never repeat them again.

Like tuning into a radio station that has always been there and informing your subconscious, now you get to listen and see why you respond the way you do. The experience of this is of pulling back the curtain or the veils on our own life and truly taking control of the backstage where everything comes into form.

It is not the memories we are getting rid of; it is our responses to them and that covers just about everything influencing out lives at every moment. Now a lot of our responses are normal and healthy but we all have stuff that triggers us and like a bull to the red cape when it waves we charge.

We are then bound to play out similar scenarios again and again till we uncover the memory driving the behaviour and get it right. But Immortality Forever changes all of this, it is the great shortcut to help us step off this endless wheel.

What we are after here is the freedom to not charge, unless we really want to since habitual conditioned action binds us into situations as surely as superglue and we are doomed to repeat these patterns until we get it right.

A bit like groundhog day, but in this case Immortality Forever clears it rapidly and creatively so we really see what our story was and in so doing get the chance to change it if we like.

Immortality Forever has 7 levels of Immortality, which along with Immortality V12 makes it one of the strongest of the Immortality range. But what allows the amazing effects to occur is the Ushnisa Vijaya Mantra, an almost forgotten Buddhist mantra of incredible potency designed to be used in times of difficulty.

Ushnisa Vijaya falls into the Kriya or cleansing class of mantras as it is designed to clear karma and even those that have committed the most unimaginable crimes like killing a Buddha are supposed to be spared rebirth in the lower realms and guaranteed auspicious birth or a place in the pure lands.

Ushnisa is said to have emanated from the forehead of the Buddha in response to a request for freedom from rebirth in the lower realms. She is also known as the divine mother in Buddhism.

This is in itself miraculous, but the benefits of this mantra do not stop here. She is also one of the three immortality emanations and is portrayed carrying a vase of immortality which gives you prolonged life and acts to cure previously incurable diseases.

It does this by flushing out the subconscious patterning which is generating these varied disease states and causing you to age.

She is also supposed to help improve relations between men and women; protect the children and the animals and it is said that even walking under a banner with this mantra upon it will be enough to guarantee you liberation from suffering and to give you enlightenment.

It is also said to remove fear. The lasso Ushnisa carries in one of her eight arms is there to lasso thoughts so you do not become carried away with them.

She also is portrayed carrying the double Vajra which is a symbol of the indestructibility of the mind and a totem of great potency.

Those that chant this mantra will be guarded by the protectors which include Vajrapani, Brahma and Shiva who will all follow after them to guarantee their security.

To directly quote one of the earlier Dalai Lamas, Buddhism is not a religion, it is a science of the mind and anyone can use the mind technology to improve their existence.

The purpose of Ushnisa and all Buddhist archetypal iconography is as a mind technology and it should be viewed as a personal aspect of self which is then projected outwards so we can then internalize it back into ourselves.

We do this to integrate the full blessing and understanding of it as our very self. Once we do this we realize that it was always us in the first place.

This is one of the teachings of Vajrayana Buddhism and shows us how it works as a technology to allow us to take control of the mind and emotions so that we run them and not have them run us.

Ushnisa is there for all beings and as such does not require complicated initiations into any Buddhist lineage and therefore can happily be used by all Buddhists and non-Buddhists alike.

To put it plainly she is there for everyone and the limitless help she offers, she offers happily without a shred of expectation. Of course like anything, the more you immerse yourself in this teaching the more benefit you derive.

Immortality Forever

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