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Liberation the remedy is an energetic remedy, which used as a tool can greatly accelerate the process of clearing of personal history in order to get to the point where we are no longer bound by it. As we unbind from our personal story by moving through processes, we are more able to make conscious choices that really resonate with the core of who we are.

Liberation also brings up things that have been buried, either memories or suppressed emotions and
allows us to play them out so that we are able to make peace with them and then have them leave the
body permanently or to find a healthy expression for them in our daily lives.


Liberation the remedy has a strong supportive component so we feel as good as possible while we are
going through these processes which vary hugely between people as we all process things in different


Ingredients: Shungite, Panch angi, Royal Jelly, Rasashastric Navaratna, Kunjika mantra, Light of Jupitor, Protea flower essence, Reishi, distilled water, alcohol.


  • Please contact me directly should you require a refund.

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