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The Trinity Pack

Liberation, Redemption and Blue Lotus work wonderfully together and can also be taken separately. 

Liberation digs deep into our cellular memory to clear any unfinished business that we may still be holding. If you take it in the early evening it induces vivid dreaming where you will work through and release what is necessary in the dream state. 

Redemption is made from the Noya Rao Tree of Light and it truly fills your being with light which in my experience offers clarity and lightness of being. It supports the Liberation remedy by shedding light on the unfinished business that may arise. It's best to take in the morning. 

Blue Lotus is a delicious remedy that relaxes the nervous system and also supports tapping into higher states of consciousness. It is a part of the trinity pack as sometimes what arises to be cleared can bring an array of emotions with it that are being released and offers great energetic support. It can be taken on a need to basis similar to rescue remedy. Of course, in today's current energetic climate it's always good to have and use when we feel we need to release the intensity of what may arise in our reality. 

The Trinity Pack

  • 10ml bottle

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