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Redemption is an alchemical remedy centered around the Noya Rao tree also known as the mother of all plants and it basically floods your body with light which moves the patterns that we have accumulated in this life out of the body. Noya Rao is the centerpiece of redemption around which all the other ingredients are arrayed like jewels in a crown.

Redemption realigns us with the person we were actually meant to be before we got lost in a whole host of conditioned responses.    As we break these habits we become more and more free to actually do what we actually came here for in the first place.

Redemption works powerfully to allow us to see what binds us and then to shed it like a skin we have outgrown so we can become the person we always wanted to be.

Sometimes the patterning is just too sticky to even see and this is where we need a helping hand to give us some perspective on our life.   Only then can we see what needs to be brought back into alignment to facilitate the change that needs to occur for a more healthy expression of our self.

Redemption holds up the internal mirror so we actually see what is going on and then change it to what we actually want to be happening inside of us.

Habits are often so subtle we are not even aware that they are there to be changed but anything that limits our possibilities of an exceptional life can be altered by ourselves if we just have the chance to reflect on what is going on from a distance.

Like the eagle rising up into the sky to be able to clearly see where he needs to go, redemption gives us this perspective shift which then allows us to alter our course in whatever way we see fit.

Ingredients: La Madre De Noya Rao, The Song Of Redemption, Gold bhasma, Shatavari, bee pollen,  Disa Orchid flower essence, cacao, fire, light, distilled water, alcohol.

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